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We live in stories. What we are is stories. We do things because of what is called character, and our character is formed by the stories we learn to live in. Late in the night we listen to our own breathing in the dark and rework our stories. We do it again the next morning, and all day long, before the looking glass of ourselves, reinventing reasons for our lives. Other than such storytelling there is no reason to things.

—William Kittredge


Live a life worth telling about.

We design and build wooden paddle boards of exceptional quality. We are paddlers and surfers and adventurers determined to live a good life and to pass on tenets of this life to the wider world. 

We go to the water to connect with the natural world, to turn inward, to push ourselves, to pause and to feel the rush. In every case our pleasure and satisfaction has been amplified by paddling and surfing wooden boards. These watercraft take on characteristics of the trees they are built from and maintain an essence of life and breath not found in foam and plastic boards. 

If you value your connection to water and place, to beauty and wonder, we bring you closer to it with each stroke.