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WhICH board is right for me? 

We are more than happy to help recommend an appropriate board for you based on your height, weight, level of experience and the type of paddling you plan to do most.


Is it fragile? I'd be afraid to hurt it. 

These boards are stronger than foam boards and much easier to repair. In fact, this is one of the main reasons we build boards this way. We strive to make products that will last 20 years with hard use, and a lifetime with great care. This is the opposite of the disposable, short life expectancy of nearly all foam/fiberglass surfboards and SUPs on the market today. 



The most important thing you can do for your board is remember to LET IT BREATHE. Always keep the air vent open when the board is out of the water and closed when paddling. It is a small, but immensely important element of helping these boards to outlive you. 

Additionally, washing your board down with fresh water after paddling in salt water will keep your board looking fresh. 

Store the board out direct sunlight to ensure the finish lasts longer. 

Depending on use, the boards will require additional coats of varnish every 2-5 years. Please contact us for recommendations on refinishing.



We strive to find the best balance weight and strength. As we prioritize the longevity and performance of our boards, that aren't necessarily worth comparing to foam or fiberglass boards, though, in truth, we make lighter boards than many of our competitors. 

Most paddle boards range from 28lbs-38lbs. Our current 9' surfboards run right around 17lbs. Not too bad. 


How are the boards made? 

The boards are constructed around a marine-grade plywood "fishbone" frame, planked primarily with Paulownia, glassed with 4oz. fiberglass cloth and finished with several coats of marine spar varnish. Additionally, we thoroughly waterproof the entire interior of the boards, glass the underside of the decks for extra rigidity and install easy to use vent and drain plugs. 



We have always found that going out on the water is a great way of going in—to reflect and process and push through all that life throws your way. We believe in the power of a pocketable mantra or bit of verse to guide the way. 

Good Story was founded by poet and writer, Matt Nienow, who uses his experience in the literary world to find and shape poignant quotes worth thinking on again and again and again. 



This idea comes from writer William Kittredge in his essential essay, "Doing Good Work," in which he supposes:

We live in stories. What we are is stories. We do things because of what is called character, and our character is formed by the stories we learn to live in. Late in the night we listen to our own breathing in the dark and rework our stories. We do it again the next morning, and all day long, before the looking glass of ourselves, reinventing reasons for our lives. Other than such storytelling there is no reason to things.

We take it a step further in our pursuit of living a life worth telling about. We want to live a good story. We want to do things worth doing, make actual things worth making, and be in a way worth being. Our kindness is to share these pursuits with you, and you. And, yes, you.