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Here is a shot in the dark, the first edition of a regular newsletter with no mailing list to speak of. Which means, if YOU are reading this, you can sign up and help spread the word. The Good Story shop is full of life and energy and ready to make 2018 the year folks start to hear about what we’ve been up to since we opened our doors in 2015, and where we are aiming to go. 

Good Story Adds Surfboards to Quiver

Elie with an 8’6” longboard at Cerritos Beach, near Pescadero, Baja Sur, Mexico.

We started with paddle boards, and while they remain our specialty, we have successfully added traditional surfboard models to the lineup! In December, I completed CAD drawings and internal frames for two longboards. My enthusiasm quickly took over and I found myself working 12 hour days, delighting over the new shapes as the new year approached. My family and I were booked for Baja Sur and I intended to bring the boards along with us. I worked up until the morning of our departure. After polishing the boards with fresh glass and slipping them into their new travel bag, Elie and I packed up our boys and we all set off Mexico. 

That evening, we settled in at Surf Camp in Pescadero and found some tamales for dinner, which were literally purchased out of the trunk of a brown compact, whose driver sang-yelled his ware song while cruising the dirt roads at a slow pace. It was a perfect welcome. The sandy beach with point break and beach break was amazing for swimming and the boards lived up to my expectations. Two weeks was enough to make us want to stay forever. As for Good Story Paddle Boards,we made some great connections with local surf instructors and hope to return with more boards as soon!

Apprentice Updates  


New apprentice, Elisa Weiss, is beginning an 8’6” longboard, which she hopes to use in her up-and-coming woman’s surfing organization, She of Salt. Lookout for a feature on the first of her ongoing surf retreats here in the PNW.

We are also finalizing our variations on a Channel Islands’ Biscuit, drawn up by apprentice Trevor Smith. Trevor is also working on a traditional fish shape and taking on ding repair for standard foam boards. 

Website Under Construction

We are thrilled to welcome Social Media Strategist, Samantha Ladwig to the team. Sam is skilled in more ways than we will name in this short post - so stay tuned for a later feature - and has come onboard to help with Good Story Paddle Boards outreach strategy and overall organization. Over the next couple of months, Sam will be revamping the website, making it more navigable and showcasing Good Story Paddle Boards unique qualities!

It’ll take us a couple of months to clean everything up, but this is the year Good Story Paddle Boards begins to claim its space on the map. Help us grow our presence by spreading the word!  Follow us on InstagramFacebook, and here!