We live in stories. What we are is stories. We do things because of what is called character, and our character is formed by the stories we learn to live in. Late in the night we listen to our own breathing in the dark and rework our stories. We do it again the next morning, and all day long, before the looking glass of ourselves, reinventing reasons for our lives. Other than such storytelling there is no reason to things.
— William Kittredge

Live a life worth telling about

The idea first came to me nearly a decade ago while on a 45-day canoeing expedition in northern Canada. I was hauling gear overland from one body of water to another, somewhere in the middle of our group of eight, each strained step a pulse to meditate to. I had been paddling and portaging, and writing poems, for years by that point and suddenly I thought to combine the two. 

I returned from the northland with a desire to start such a business, but as life often goes, there were to be a few delays. I went to grad school for poetry, and then to boat building school. I became a father of one, then two boys. I worked on large ships and built small boats. I was the writer-in-residence at a small public school. All the while, I found myself on the water on my own custom built boards. 

In the summer of 2015, the time had come. I left the other constraints behind and set my days in pursuit of a new kind of beauty. Wooden paddle boards that told a story, boards with soul, beautiful to look at and wonderfully functional. 

My first book of poetry is on it's way, aptly titled House of Water, which just goes to show how my passions are tied together.